Beogram 8000, 8002, 6006

Beogram 8000, 8002, 6006

Spareparts for Beogram 6006, 8000 and 8002. If you can't find the part you are looking for then please send a request through the contact form.

Service hints:

Warning: when opening the device, be carefull not to damage the tone- and tracking arms. When doing service on the CPU board don't open the top shield without securing the cpu. It will otherwise come out of its socket. The cpu is very sensitive to static electricity. It is mask programmed and there are no available replacements.

  • Check the taco disc and sensors if the platter speed is incorrect.
  • 5V mini lamps are used together with LDR resistors in several places. The departure has to be adjusted according to the service manual.
  • Check capacitors and soldering.
  • Note that R46 and R47 are mounted if the taco sensor board is without resistors. Otherwise they are short circuit.

We currently only have taco discs for service but not for sale but they are available from:



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